ROBOT & Manipulator

ROBOT & Manipulator
We offer a wide range of robots for customers to choose from, including TS series multi-axis servo robot, TT series single-axis servo manipulator and TR series swing-arm robot. These robots have different features, and can meet almost all processing requirements of customers.

TS Series Multi-axis Servo Robot
For this multi-axis servo robot, users can choose programming either by operative modes selectable from the controller or programming this robot directly with free programming. No extra PLC device is required for this industrial robot. TS series industrial robot offers a number of advantages like real-time monitoring of operation, real-time display, fault alarm, low power consumption.

Typical plastic molding automation applications for our multi-axis servo robot include: part picking and handling, in-mold decorating/labeling, insert loading, stacking and sorting, palletizing and packaging, and inspection automation. These robots also apply to two-plate or three-plate molds.

TT series Single-axis Servo Manipulator
TT series single-axis robot is designed with locking mechanism to prevent failure when a loss of pressure appears. 20 standard programs can be stored in this single-axis servo manipulator, and 80 custom programs are available for free programming.

TT series single-axis robot is primarily used for take-out of injection molding products. It’s also suitable for molding and take-out of two-plate or three-plate molds.

TR Series Swing-arm Manipulator
Key attributes of this TR series swing-arm manipulator, such as durability, flexibility, stability, make them ideally suitable for parts removal and sprue separation on injection moulding machines from 50tons to 200tons.