TR Series Swing-arm Manipulator

TR Series Swing-arm Manipulator
1. Parts of this swing-arm robot, such as arch and base, are manufactured from precision casting and CNC machining to ensure the compact structure and attractive appearance of this robot.
2. Dual mold-locking protection ensures improved safety of molds.
3. The TR series swing-arm manipulator offers fast take-out times available for sprue separation and parts removal.
4. Fault diagnoses are included as standard function for increased efficiency.
5. Spare output ports are available for controlling various auxiliary equipment like conveyor, silicone spray, etc.

1. Human-machine interface of this swing-arm servo robot provides maximum ease of operation.
2. 8 standard programmes are installed and additionally, custom programmes (created by the operator) can be stored. The built-in memory can record up to 50 sets of mould programmes, making this series of swing-arm manipulator fully capable of meeting almost all processing requirements.
3. Latest integration technology is used to minimize vibration and interruption.
4. Motion parts of this swing-arm robot are made of aluminum alloy extrusions. High precision guide rail and pneumatic components also contribute to the durability and long service life of motion parts.

Key attributes of this TR series swing-arm manipulator, such as durability, flexibility, stability, make them ideally suitable for parts removal and sprue separation on injection moulding machines from 50tons to 200tons.

Technical Parameter
Model Arm Recommended I.M.M. Crosswise Stroke (mm) Vertical Stroke (mm) Swing Angle (°) Wrist Angle (°) Max. Payload (kg) Min. Take-out Time (s) Min. Cycle Time (s) Drive System Air Pressure (kgf/cm2) Air Consumption (NL/cycle) Power Consumption (kVA) Power Source Net Weight (kg)
TR-550 Single-stage & single-arm 50-105tons 120 550 50 - 90 90 3 0.7 4 Pneumatic cylinder 5-7 5.6 0.2 AC220V±10% (50/60Hz) 38
TR-550D Single-stage & double-arm 44
TR-650 Single-stage & single-arm 75-200tons 650 0.8 4.2 6.1 39
TR-650D Single-stage & double-arm 45
Note: I.M.M. - injection molding machine

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