TS series Multi-axis Servo Robot

TS series Multi-axis Servo Robot
For this multi-axis servo robot, users can choose programming either by operative modes selectable from the controller or programming this robot directly with free programming. No extra PLC device is required for this industrial robot. TS series industrial robot offers a number of advantages like real-time monitoring of operation, real-time display, fault alarm, low power consumption.

1. Movement of X, Y and Z axes of our Cartesian robot is driven by servo motors, and assisted by high precision linear motion system and imported highly-flexible wire timing belt.
2. Hardware that features high precision and low noise and mature software assure the safe running of the molding machine as well as the robot.
3. This multi-axis servo robot is easy to start and stop, enabling convenient operation.

Typical plastic molding automation applications for our industrial robots include: part picking and handling, in-mold decorating/labeling, insert loading, stacking and sorting, palletizing and packaging, and inspection automation. These robots also apply to two-plate or three-plate molds.

Technical Parameter
Model Stroke (mm) Power Capacity (kVA) Max. Power Consumption (kW) Weight (kg) Air Consumption
Vertical Vertical Back-forth Horizontal Robot Controller
TS-800 800 (1000) 95-795 (95-945) 1400 (1200) (1600) (1800) 2.0 1.0 187 1.1 2.93
TS-800D 850 (1050) P(305-785) R(175-655) P(305-935) R(175-805) 3.2 1.7 203

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