Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen
TDLV series vibrating screen works through the exciting force generated by the centrifugal force of vibrating motor. The screen and materials will reciprocate up and down under the influence of exciting force, and after the screening of two layers of screen meshes, the materials will be separated according to the mesh size.

1. Compact and durable design, simple operation
2. This vibrating separator is easy to clean, and it’s fast to change its screen meshes.
3. Impurities can be automatically discharged.
4. Our vibrating screening machine features low failure and easy maintenance.
5. This vibrating screen is light in weight, with caster designed for easy moving.
6. Despite standard mesh size, custom mesh size is available based on customer’s specific needs.

Our vibrating screening machine is used for screening raw materials.

Technical Parameter
Model Power Max. Exciting Force (KN) Screen Size (cm) Layers Mesh Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
EDLV-1300 0.25 1/3 5 130 × 50 2 Upper layer Ф6 / lower layer Ф3 738 × 1016.5 × 838

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