Self-contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

Self-contained Vacuum Hopper Loader
TAL-300 series self-contained vacuum hopper loader uses carbon brush motor, and it’s featured by light weight and convenient installation. TAL-400 series industrial vacuum hopper loader adopts high-pressure blower with low noise and long service life. Reverse dedusting device is also equipped for easy dedusting.

1. The self-contained vacuum hopper loader is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
2. Our industrial vacuum hopper loader uses stainless steel hopper to avoid contamination to the materials.
3. Motor protection device is designed.
4. Alarm buzzer is optional to give alarms when lack of materials.
5. Standard configuration of automatic backwash device and cloth filter mesh.
6. TAL-300E self-contained vacuum hopper loader is designed with photoelectric switch, and can be mounted directly on the feeding inlet of moulding machine.

Model TAL-300C TAL-300G TAL-300E TAL-400C
Motor Type Carbon brush Carbon brush Carbon brush Induction
Motor Power (W) 1150 1150 1150 750
Conveying Capacity (kg/hr) 180 180 180 250
Hopper Capacity (L) 6 6 6 6
Conveying Pipe Dia. (mm) Φ38 Φ38 Φ38 Φ38
Input Voltage 1φ, 230V,50Hz 3φ, 400V, 50Hz
Material Level Control Micro switch Micro switch Photo sensor Proximity switch
Cloth Filter Standard / Standard Standard
Auto-cleaning Function Standard / Standard Standard
(mm) 595 595 730 670
Weight (mm) 300 300 300 280
Diameter (mm) 395 395 365 450
Net Weight (kg) 13 12 17 26

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