Water-cooled Chiller

TIC-W series water-cooled chillers use single-stage vapor compression refrigeration system, and all models are designed with devices for compressor and motor overload protection, phase shortage and reversal alarms, protection under high and low pressure, etc. Our industrial chillers enjoy stable performance, long service life, etc. The chillers can quickly lower the temperature and stably control the temperature. These water-cooled chillers are suitable for cooling applications in modern industries and they will not be influenced by ambient temperature.

1. Cooling capacity from 7°C to 35°C.
2. Stainless insulated water tank and anti-freeze thermostat.
3. R22 refrigerant with striking cooling effect.
4. The cooling loop of this industrial chiller is protected by low and high pressure switches.
5. Overload protection for compressor and pump.
6. Shell and tube condenser and evaporator for quick heat transfer and excellent heat radiation and cooling effect.
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