TT-II Series Single-axis Servo Manipulator

TT-II Series Single-axis Servo Manipulator
TT-II series single-axis servo robot is designed with locking mechanism to prevent failure when a loss of pressure appears. 20 standard programs can be stored in this single-axis manipulator, and 80 custom programs are available for free programming. TT-II series single-axis servo driven manipulator offers a number of advantages like real-time monitoring of operation, real-time display, fault alarm, low power consumption. Interfaces for auxiliary device like conveyor are designed for integrated operation.

1. Movement of axis of this single-axis servo robot is driven by servo motor, and assisted by high precision linear motion system and imported highly-flexible wire timing belt.
2. This single-axis manipulator features high precision and low noise.
3. Stroke of this single-axis servo driven manipulator is realized by pneumatic control.
4. Shock absorber at the end of stroke alleviates vibration of the robot.
5. Hardware and software that provide safety protection assure the safe running of the molding machine as well as the robot.

TT series single-axis servo robot is primarily used for take-out of injection molding products. It’s also suitable for molding and take-out of two-plate or three-plate molds.

Technical Parameter
Model Stroke (mm) Weight (kg) Air Consumption
Vertical Vertical Back-forth Back-forth Horizontal
TT-650 II 650 150 - 1000 (1200) (1400) (1600) 200 15.2
TT-650 D II 650 100 210 18
TT-800 II 850 - 205 15.2
TT-800 D II 850 100 215 18

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