PET Crystallizer

PET Crystallizer
Standard Configuration
1. Fixed speed design of agitator helps to prevent materials from lumping together during crystallization.
2. Simplified drying process and improved drying efficiency can be achieved by using our PET crystallizer.
3. Materials can be dried under high temperature to improve drying efficiency.
4. Cyclone dust collector, which is effective at dusty places, can significantly reduce the load on the filter bag and its cleaning times, thus extending the service life of filter bag.
5. Dual overheat protector is designed with this closed-loop crystallizer to reduce the possibility of mechanical or man-made problems.
6. Equipped with rotary valve that features excellent sealing performance, this PET crystallizer can output crystallized materials with high accuracy and stability.
7. This closed-loop crystallizer is manufactured with material level switch for accurate detection of material level and reliable operation.
8. Designed with negative pressure tester, our PET crystallizer can immediately test the ventilation of the filter. Alarm will be sent if the negative pressure is higher than the setting value.

Optional Configuration
1. This closed-loop crystallizer can collocate with dehumidifier to carry out dehumidifying.
2. Auto loader, hopper receiver, magnetic base, suction box are optional for material conveying.
3. Optional screw feeder for stable and even conveying of un-crystallized materials.
4. Optional external pipeline is made of stainless steel.

Working Principles
Once material filling starts, heat blower starts up and material heating begins. Control cabinet would stop sending signals to the auto loader when the filling amount of material reaches the material level switch. Then material heating lasts for a while. When the temperature reaches the set crystallized temperature, materials will be conveyed out via feeding device; meanwhile, as material level in hopper lowers gradually, the filling device starts to supply uncrystallized materials accordingly to realize continuous crystallization process.

TCR series closed-loop crystallizers are used for constant crystallization of uncrystallized PET regrinds or pellets. Crystallized materials will then be conveyed to storage hopper or drying hopper, and dried and dehumidified directly.

PET materials are extensively used in textile fiber, stripping tapes, food and chemical packing, industrial thread, heat-resistant dishware, etc. Due to its high moisture content, it will generate air bubble and chapping will take place during high-temperature extrusion and melting.

Taida offers a series of reliable drying and dehumidifying technologies for PET molding and other PET product manufacturers. Our PET crystallizers and processing system is designed to meet various application needs:
1. Bottle and blank making
2. Thermal forming film and sheet making
3. Strapping tape and industrial yarns making
4. Tubing making
5. Waste recovery

Technical Parameter
Model TCR-160U TCR-450U TCR-900U TCR-1600U TCR-2500U
Heater Power (kW) 12 24 48 96 128
Blower Power (kW) 0.55 2.2 3 7.5 15
Blending Motor Power (kW) 0.25 1.1 1.5 1.5 4
Max. Throughput (kg/hr) 50 150 300 500 750
Hopper Capacity (L) 160 L:450 900 1600 2500
H (mm) 2380 3850 4450 5350 5670
H1 (mm) 280 720 1040 860 1270
H2 (mm) 380 1060 1185 1260 1270
W (mm) 1040 2370 2890 3570 4050
W1 (mm) 1140 1440 1930 2190 2350
W2 (mm) ---- 800 800 800 800
ΦA (inch) 3 5 6 8 8
ΦB (inch) 4 4 5 5 5
Weight (kg) 235 500 865 2290 2790
1. Max. throughput is based on uncrystallized PET material of 0.85kg/L in density and 3-5mm in diameter.
2. Power: 3Ø, 400VAC, 50Hz
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