THD-U series Hopper Dryer

THD-U series Hopper Dryer
THD-U series hopper dryers use top-down blowing design, and they are made of stainless steel to prevent contamination. These stainless steel dryers are ideally suitable for collocating with honeycomb dehumidifiers to dry engineering plastics. There are 25 models available, with capacity ranging from 20 to 8000 liters.

1. Microprocessor is used for accurate temperature control.
2. Top-down blowing design of this hopper dryer helps even distribution of hot air, keeping plastics dry and temperature stable, and raising drying efficiency.
3. Digital P.I.D. temperature control with LED display.
4. Overheat protection device of this stainless steel dryer prevents accidents arising from human factors or mechanical failure.
5. 7-day automatic start-stop timer reduces energy consumption.
6. THD-1200U and models below are equipped with stainless steel plate and aluminum base.
7. THD-1500U and models above are designed with manual butterfly valve.
8. Optional protective ladder is available for THD-1500U and models above.
9. Optional suction box, floor stand, hopper magnet, aluminum or stainless steel magnetic base, exhaust air filter, hot air collector and blower inlet filter are available.
10. Our hopper dryer complies with European standards, and is certified by CE.

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