Granulating and Recycling Machines

Granulating and Recycling Machines
A wide range of solutions are available for granulating and recycling plastic products.

Screenless Granulator
TG-2618/27/36 series screenless granulator uses teeth cutters and cutting blades for improved cutting efficiency and least dusts in the cutting process. Multiple protection devices are engineered to ensure safe operation. This series of screenless crushers are ideally suitable for granulating hard and thick materials, sprues and waste materials.

Low-speed Granulator
TG1-8 series low-speed granulators are primarily used for granulating sprues. These industrial plastic granulators are characterized by low speed, compact structure, low noise, few dusts, long service life of blades, and compliance with European standards.

Mute Centralized Granulator
TG series mute centralized granulators are designed for centralized recycling of plastic wastes generated in injection molding, blowing molding or extrusion. This plastic granulator is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation and fast blade replacement. This sound-proof central granulator has various models with wide application ranges to meet various demands of customers.