Drying and Dehumidifying Machine

Drying Machine
We offer hopper dryers and cabinet dryers to satisfy the most possible needs of customers.

Hopper dryers, available with THD series and THD-U series, provide effective and low-cost solutions for plastic material drying. These drying hoppers are capable of drying wet materials that absorb moisture during packaging, transportation and recycling.

TTCD series cabinet dryers are designed to simultaneously dry various kinds of polymers in small quantities, or to dry materials for trial molding. These chamber dryers can also be applied to preheat or dry related products in industries like electroplating, electronic engineering, pharmacy, paint baking, printing, etc.

Dehumidifying Machine
Our honeycomb dehumidifiers are primarily used for drying hygroscopic engineering plastics. The honeycomb rotor we use, under ideal conditions, can supply dehumidified air with dew point lower than -40℃. 14 models of honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers are available, the largest of which can provide up to 4,000m3/hour of dry air.

We also offer dehumidifiers that combine with drying and feeding functions. These three-in-one dehumidifying dryers are suitable for dehumidifying and drying hygroscopic engineering plastics, including PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc. All models consist of one TD-H honeycomb dehumidifier and stainless steel drying hopper with top-down blowing design.