Central Feeding System

Our central feeding system offers a complete solution for plastic raw materials through vacuum conveying and centralized automation control realized by PLC human machine interface.

Taida offers equipment that involves storing, dehumidifying, drying, feeding of plastic raw materials, temperature control of molds, cooling of forming machines, handling of materials by manipulators, recycling of waste materials, etc.

1. Life-long free maintenance service is offered for our central feeding system.
2. Noise of our automatic feeding system is lower than 80dB, a level that leads in the global market, providing a relatively quiet working environment for our staff.
3. Automatic cleaning function helps to keep the pipe clean.
4. Hoppers of different capacities are available based on user’s specific needs.
5. 304 stainless steel improves appearance attractiveness as well as durability of our material feeding system.
6. Corrugated hose is used where the hopper and pipe connects, ensuring the tightness of the connection.
7. High degree of automation with low running costs and labor costs.
8. All electrical components used by our central feeding system are supplied by Siemens, Omron, Schneider and other brands, ensuring the stable performance of these components and the system.
9. PLC control and user-friendly touch screen allows improved convenience in operation.
10. Reduced inventory of spare parts and decreased requirements on maintenance help save costs.

Please choose the right pipe based on your specific needs and required materials.