Pneumatic Hopper Loader

Pneumatic Hopper Loader
VL series pneumatic hopper loader mainly relies on the accelerated flow of high-pressure air to produce vacuum and thus driving the material to convey. This pneumatic vacuum loader is ideal for conveying various types of plastic particles. Air pressure: 5-6kg/m2.

1. European design with compact structure and light weight.
2. Stainless steel storage hopper and base of this pneumatic vacuum loader avoid the raw materials from being polluted.
3. Exhaust system with filter helps prevent the working environment from being contaminated.
4. Raw materials of the pneumatic hopper loader are conveyed under high-pressure air to ensure low noise.
5. Glass tube works with electrostatic capacitive sensor to accurately detect raw material conveying.
6. Filter control set of this pneumatic vacuum loader helps filter moisture of air and ensure stable air pressure.
7. Our pneumatic hopper loader is also characterized by easy installation and operation, as well as polished finish.
8. The hopper is easy to disassemble and thus clean.
9. Hopper and base can be adjusted in any direction.

Model Conveying Capacity (kg/hr) Hopper Capacity (L) Max. Conveying Distance Conveying Pipe Dia. (inch) Length of Suction Pipe (mm) Dimension (H × W × D) Net Weight (kg)
VL-50 40 0.5 6 1.25 900 380 × 145 × 150 4.5
VL-100 60 2.8 6 1.25 900 720 × 165 × 160 7
VL-120 80 3 6 1.25 900 630 × 240 × 280 7.5

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