Proportional Valve

Proportional Valve
TPV series proportional valves mix virgin materials and regrinds in a proper proportion, and then send the materials back to the molding machine to achieve proportional mixing effect. This proportional valve features low cost, high accuracy and easy installation. It can be directly mounted on loaders or the pipeline.

1. Attractive appearance, easy installation and operation.
2. Unique design of this proportional solenoid valve makes it even smoother to convey materials.
3. Stable performance of solenoid valve and cylinder ensures accurate proportional mixing of virgin materials and regrinds.
4. Instant recycling of regrinds helps significantly reduce production costs.

Technical Parameter
Model Compressed Air Pressure (kgf/cm2) Drive System Max. Material Flow (kg/hr) Pipe Size (mm) Dimensions (W × D × H) (mm) Weight (kg)
TPV-38 3 Pneumatic cylinder 350 38 226 × 150 × 164 3.5
TPV-50 3 Pneumatic cylinder 550 50.8 5

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