Water/Oil Temperature Control Unit

TM-W/O water/oil temperature control units are used to heat up moulds and maintain the temperature. Besides, they can also be used in other similar applications. High temperature water from the mould is cooled by direct cooling and then sent to the pipe heaters via high-pressure pump for heating to constant temperature. Unique design of this oil/water temperature control unit makes it possible to change the heating medium (through water or oil circulating). OMRON temperature controller helps deliver accurate, reliable and cost-effective process temperature accuracy of ±1°C.

1. PID multi-stage temperature control system helps maintain stable mould temperature, with the accuracy reaching ±1°C.
2. Vertical water- or oil-based high temperature pump ensures stable performance.
3. Multiple safety devices are designed to automatically detect and alarm abnormal situations.
4. Our water/oil temperature control unit is also characterized by attractive appearance, and easy to operate and maintain.
5. Stainless steel is used for key components to insure long and maintenance-free performance and to reduce total cost of the unit.
6. This oil/water temperature control unit uses water or oil as the heating medium, with the maximum temperature reaching 95°C or 160°C respectively.
7. The water/oil temperature control unit is designed with automatic water supply device (when water is required) and negative operation function.
8. Water flow distributor, Teflon tube and thermal oil are optional.
9. Our oil/water temperature control unit can be changed to comply with worldwide electrical safety standards (CE, etc.) upon request.
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