Water-Cooled Central Chiller

Water-Cooled Central Chiller
TICC-W series water-cooled central chillers adopt Germany CITZER twin-screw compressor. These central water chillers are suitable for a variety of refrigerants such as R22, R407, R134a, etc. The high efficiency condenser and evaporator, featuring stable heat exchange and ease of maintenance, have obtained national pressure vessel manufacturing license. Sophisticated microprocessor controller delivers better performance compared with single chip microprocessor.

1. German twin-screw compressor for ensured service life and continuous operation.
2. Energy-saving modes are designed to meet customers’ energy-saving requirements.
3. Evaporator and condenser of our water-cooled central chillers comply with national standards and are easy to maintain and replace.
4. Striking extendability of controller makes upgrade of both hardware and software easier.
5. Watchdog technology used by these central water chillers makes the microprocessor be able to automatically diagnose and solve problems.
6. 512K memory for programs and 128K off-power data storage.
7. Touch screen panel.
8. Users can monitor and adjust the actual temperature, and hour or daily temperature can be displayed.
9. Remote control function to turn on/off the machine according to preset timer.
10. Multi languages supported.
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