Central Filter Unit

Central Filter Unit
The central filter unit mainly consists of dust collector, blower and stainless steel tube. It can filter the dust and small impurities in the material based on specific demands of customers with reduced labor costs.

1. Our TCSF series dust filter equipment can filter the dust and small impurities in the material to protect the blower and extends its service life.
2. This central filter unit is designed with automatic spray cleaning and dust removing function, reducing the frequency of manual cleaning.
3. This dust filter equipment is equipped with diaphragm valve to effectively protect the blower and improve feeding speed of raw materials.

1. Our central filter unit features Euro style design for more attractive appearance, and compact structure for convenient operation.
2. High efficiency in filtering dusts.
3. High-pressure gas cylinder is equipped to offer high-pressure air required for spray cleaning and dust removing.
4. Dust collector and filter are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination of materials.
5. Anti-vibration design allows safe and reliable operation.
6. This dust filter equipment conforms to European safety standards, and is certified by CE.

This central filter unit is used to remove dust, in an attempt to reduce the impurities in the material and improve product quality.

Technical Parameter
Model Capacity (L) Air Suction Pipe Dia. (inch) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
TCSF-100-F 8 2 1410 × 480 × 510 80
TCSF-200-F 10 2.5 1530 × 520 × 570 95
TCSF-300-F 16 3 1645 × 610 × 690 125
TCSF-100-G 10 2 1700 × 530 × 520 85
TCSF-200-G 15 2.5 1720 × 530 × 520 95
TCSF-300-G 18 3 1750 × 530 × 520 108
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